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2020 Information will be posted soon.

Registration will open around March 1, 2020

2019 Pool Membership Information 

“Your Family Fun, Neighborhood Pool”

8962 Chevington Court, Pickerington, Ohio 43147

“Your Family Fun, Neighborhood Pool.” The Chevington Woods Pool is a family friendly pool conveniently located in the Chevington Woods Subdivision at 8962 Chevington Court just off of State Route 204. You do not have to live in Chevington Woods to be a member of this unique neighborhood pool. Our heated pool includes a 12-ft deep diving well and diving board, slide, fenced baby pool, and shelter. Additional information can be found on our website at: http://chevingtonwoodspool.org

Important information
  • ALL REGISTRATION FOR 2019 WILL BE DONE ONLINE. If you cannot register online, you can do this at the pool we will provide an online method. 
  • Members will be checked in at the pool gate each day by the staff. 
  • Go to this Link to join the Chevington Woods Pool today 


    Seasonal members who join before April 30, 2019 will receive FREE guest visits payment must be made or postmarked/paid online by April 30, 2019)


    • Family Includes one set of parents, and their dependent children (up to 26 years old) residing in the same household. Maximum 8 members. For larger families, contact membership@chevingtonwoodspool.org for pricing information.

    If more than one family resides in the household, each family must purchase a separate membership.  Babysitters, grandparents, extended family members and others are not included in the Family Membership.

    • Couple Any two people, one of which must be 18 years old, living in the same household.
    • Single One person at least 16 years old.
    • Senior Members must be over 60 years old. For couples, both members must be over 60.

    Seasonal Family Members who join before April 30, 2019 will receive 10 FREE guest passes.

    (Couple – 7 passes, Single – 5 passes - Payment must be made or postmarked by April 30, 2019)

    For membership questions, please call the pool office at (614) 861-5057 to leave a message, or send an e-mail to membership@chevingtonwoodspool.org. You must be a member or accompanied by a member to use our facilities. Guests pay an entrance fee of $7 per day.

    Membership Registration

    Please visit our web site at chevingtonwoodspool.org for a link to our registration site. If you have trouble registering, please contact us at info@chevingtonwoodspool.org. You may pay by credit card (with 1.5% convenience fee) or send a check with no fee.

    Hours of Operation

    We are generally open daily between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day when Pickerington Schools are out of session. Hours: Daily 12–8 pm; Wednesday, & Friday; 12- 8 pm; unless otherwise posted. Pool closes early on 3 evenings for swim meets. Pool hours when school is in session will be posted at the pool in mid-August.
    See membership Category Details above
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    Membership Category
    SINGLE ( age 16 and older) 
    Instructions to Access the online Membership Application


    Registration Process

    1. Select “Click Here to Register”. (Below the log in box)
    2. Create an account and click on the “Register” button.
    3. Log in using your new account name and password.
    4. Review data and select “Continue”
    5. Select any interest you may have or select “none”.
    6. Add family members.  (You do not need to add yourself again)
    7. When done, select “finished”
    8. Select “membership” tab to see available memberships.
    9. Select membership type and purchase.
    10. Review and select “calculate total”.
    11. Select continue to payment.  You may pay by credit card (with 1.5% convenience fee) or send a check with no fee.
    12. Note:  Membership status will say “Suspended” until payment is processed. Please give us 7 to 10 days to process checks. But all checks will be processed prior to opening.

    Click Here to go to the site:

    Or paste this link into your browser


    Swim Lessons Information on swim lesson sessions will be posted soon on the web site. Check the website or stop by the pool office for additional information and registration. (Membership required for swim lessons.)
    To sign up your child, stop by the pool after opening day. You can also call 614 861 5057 during pool business hours. 
    Private Lessons are avaialble with our instructors by appointment. The pool manager will keep a list of who is offering private lessons with their contact information to arrange lessons for your child. 

    Information on the 2020 team will be posted soon.

    The Team has openings for the 2019 season!

    Our championship swim team is now registering swimmers. 

    The Team will be accepting registrations through May 27th. If an age group fills before that day we will close for that age group.

    Email chevingtonwoodskingfish@gmail.com with your child's age. Let us know if you have been a pool member in the past too. 

    Visit the team website for more information on how to join the Kingfish Swim Team. www.cwkingishswimteam.org

    About the Team:

    The Chevington Woods Kingfish Swim Team is a non profit organization. We are entering our 44th year as a team for 2019. We have won the Tri County Championship for 14 straight years. This unique team has members and a history of swimmers who are Olympic Trial qualifiers, National Champions, and All Americans. These talented senior level swimmers swam their very first races, right in our pool when they were four, five and six years old! Many of them volunteer as coaches for the Kingfish, giving back to the sport and to new swimmers in a wonderful way! These high level athletes are competing and sharing their love for this sport in the same pool as children who are learning to swim their first length, in their very first race! 

    Our team isn't just about talent, it is a family! We swim together and play together and form lifelong friendships. Many of our swimmers are talented in other sports and most do not swim year round, but they come back to our team year after year for the swimming, friendship and fun that we offer!

    Information for new members to join our team is at this link. Prior team members will begin to register in late March. 


    The pool is available for private parties after before or after normal operating hours. Contact the pool manager for availability and pricing. (Rental available to pool members only.)